Thu | Feb 21, 2019


Revered guests and their fellow well-wishers took over a section of the Pegasus Hotel yesterday for the 2018 RJRGLEANER Honour Awards. The Gala, the first of its kind, had a mixture of fine fashion flavours and savvy styles, as honourees revelled...
Alyssa Chin, an Attorney-at-law at Myers, Fletcher and Gordon, enjoys a moment with her nephew Brett Fong Yee, in the play area.

The Chinese Benevolent Association was awoken recently as many turned out in their numbers for the annual spring festival garden party.

It was certainly a ladies playground at Hope Gardens recently, as queens reclaimed their fetting crown, going ‘Coco’ in slaying fashion. In case you missed it, here are the social scenes from Coci Series Ja.  

It was all about fun and laughter, while enjoying some good entertainment, at the recent NCB Insurance reggae-themed Corporate client event. Today we bring you some of these highlights, as well as a few scenes from other recent happenings. Enjoy!

Japan Day was an occasion celebrated with high energy, fashion and more. Held recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel, in Kingston, many turned out in their own unique attire, and Something Extra caught a few of these fashion statements. Here are the highlights...

Treasures of the Far East were on show at Couples Tower Isle, as the top notched all-inclusive resort, recently celebrated 41 years. Chinese fans, umbrellas, money trees and a saxophonist by the name of La Roque, placed the icing on the cake. Here are the social highlights

1. A policeman driving a police vehicle with his cellphone stuck to his ear. Something is wrong with that picture at a time when motorists are being warned of hefty fines for what amounts to an offence in the road traffic law. 2. The plastic ban...
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